Création Véronique Debroise – Sentosphère – 30 years already

Higher and higher with Sentosphère.

A French company founded by Véronique Debroise.
Sentosphère has been committed for 30 years to producing in France, respecting the planet as much as possible by using short distribution channels, and reconciling a high level of quality with affordable prices.
Sentosphere’s promise is to innovate and reveal the sensory talents of the younger generation through games.



In a changing world, with a new generation of consumers putting environmental issues first, Sentosphere is taking action:

  • All boxes are made of totally recycled cardboard.
  • All paper is FSC and Imprin’vert.
  • All the paints in the new Colorizzy range are contained in bottles made from 100% recycled material.

A range in constant evolution, rich in creation and always the same vocation: to continue to educate, to have fun, to make discover experiences, to amaze the little ones and their parents and especially, to give the opportunity to the generations to share all these wonders.

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